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Garage Door Problem?

Is it your garage door springs or your garage door opener that is worn out?

Test #1:

Opener Problem

With the garage door in the closed position, pull the hanging red cord that disengages the garage door opener from the door. Try manually opening the garage door.

If the garage door feels heavy to lift open and will not remain partially open when you release it, then you have worn out garage door springs.

If the door comes up effortlessly and stays in whatever position you leave it, then you have a genuine garage door opener problem.

Test #2:

With the garage door in the closed position, stand outside and look up at the the top edge of

your garage door. If the top edge of the garage door bows a bit inward at the middle then the opener has

had to pull way too hard to open the garage door; bending the door in the process.

This is a strong signal that you have a severe garage door spring and hardware problem.

In this extreme case, your garage door opener's J-Bar may be starting to pull loose from the garage door.